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Who We Are

Our center is a modern clinical complex built on system ‘all in one’. All types of medical assistance needed to maintain health and diagnostics, are ‘under one roof’, so the patient may get them in the same building, not wasting time on hiking to the polyclinics.

Our History


Doctor-neurologist Bradley Grosh and doctor-anesthesiologist Laura Stegner decided to set up a private medical practice. The clinic's founders combine administration and medical activities. The first doctors from the hospitals of the city appear on the staff.


In parallel with the hospital outpatient department, runs the laboratory. Daily to the clinic treats 10-20 people. 14 branches of the clinic have been opened. Emergency Department expansion to 10 teams.


New methods of surgical treatment of obesity - bariatric surgery have been developed. Every day to the Medical clinic divisions handle more than 500 visitors.


Medical сenter is one of the largest multispecialty medical centers in the sphere of private clinics Our clinic is a large outpatient complex which provides medical aid to 14 destinations, which makes it possible to pass muster with professionals of various specializations in one institution.

Our Staff

The founder of clinic, neurologist. Doctor of Medical Sciences.

The founder of clinic, anesthesiologist. Doctor of Medical Sciences.

Head physician, director. Doctor of Medical Sciences.

The head of the emergency department. Doctor of Medical Sciences.

Our Principles

It has always been the basic principle of clinic MEDICAL - all doctors, consultants, practitioners in the walls of our medical institution are highly qualified specialists. Our passionate - in the best sense of the word - junior and middle staff provide support for the leading consultants and unrivaled care for our patients.

We believe that the experience of our doctors and consultants who cooperate with us, perform medical manipulations and surgical interventions, the range and their complexity - all makes our clinic special.

We have more than 100 experienced nurses who confirm the professional level participating in conferences, visiting training courses, and so on.

Our Mission

We strive for maximally careful examination and treatment, without ignoring any of the symptoms and characteristics of your body, which may adversely affect the results of the treatment of diseases.

The impeccable quality system of medical services. Constant work to improve the management and quality control,  we also try study and apply best practices. The quality of our services and convenience to each of our clients - that's exactly what we want.

Our Advantages

During 9 years of operation our clinic built a reputation as a trusted friend and partner tested over time. We had served more than 60000 people and provided about 1 000 000 services ordered. We are recommended by our patients to families and friends.

Regardless of who you are - manager, cook, politician, rocker, lawyer, pensioner, or bank employee, in our clinic, first of all you are a person, who needs help, and we guarantee you a care and warm attitude, that are constant values for our staff.

We have selected the best professionals and experts, who have undergone a lot of interviews and special trainings. Your health is incredibly important to us.