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Patient Information

In today's market of medical services, paid services have almost all medical institutions, regardless of ownership - clinics, and hospitals, and medical centers. The key to success of our medical center in these conditions - a combination of highly qualified medical staff, who knows how to choose the best treatment for each patient, the latest high-tech equipment and also the impeccable service and individual approach to each patient.

Visiting Policies

Visiting hours are generally 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. but may be more limited in critical care areas. For the comfort of our patients, guests are asked to keep visits brief. If you have questions about the visiting policies or hours, please check with the nurses in the unit.

The intensive care and other select units have special visitor policies. Please check with the specific unit or call the hospital operator to be transferred to a specific unit and find out the visiting hours for that unit.

We ask that no more than two people visit a patient at one time. Children under age 16 years are not permitted to visit unless special arrangements are made with the nurse in charge.

Patient Help

The hospital is located on the third floor of the center. Chambers are 1-2-seater with all the conveniences. There are also VIP-apartments. The work is provided round the clock with the clinic doctor’s observation of patients. At your request, treatment and examination can be arranged in the mode of the day hospital. We also offer the following treatment programs:

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Patients Rights & Responsbilities

Medical Insurance

Asking your insurance information from time to time helps us to keep our records accurate and up to date. It also gives us an opportunity to verify your insurance coverage and benefits. All of this helps us process your bill quickly and accurately.

It is generally a good idea to review your insurance policy and benefits before receiving medical services. Every insurance carrier is different. In some cases — for instance, if you are coming in for laboratory tests or a chest x-ray — you may not need to notify your insurance company.

Your deductible and coinsurance are determined by your insurance plan. A deductible is the initial amount of covered health costs that you pay before your insurance plan begins reimbursement. It is usually a set dollar amount.

If you are covered by more than one insurance carrier. Do we send bills to both insurance companies

Customer Service

MEDICAL's Customer Services Department is dedicated to making the care experience at our hospitals and outpatient facilities the best it can be for patients and their families. We work to provide the highest quality service.